Monthly Archives: August 2013

Sea Monster Sunday

I am still working on the Deep Sea Angler fish. I have finished the body and am now working on the mouth.

Deep Sea Anglerfish body

I am really enjoying the patterns from Amigurumi Knits. I am making two items from the book and they are both very well written and extremely detailed. There is a lot of terminology in the book I am unfamiliar with but everything has clear photos and easy to follow instructions. I am learning a lot about constructions techniques but knitting these creepy creatures. I am also getting a lot of practice with the kitchener stitch. Every pattern in the book uses it.

I also knit a second tentacle for my Kraken scarf.

two knit tentacles

Two more to go and then a whole lot of stockinette stitch and then I can start the face.. Kraken scarves are the next new hotness.

Mason Jar Cozie

I have been drinking a lot of ice coffee lately. In an attempt to save some $, I started making cold brew ice coffee at home. I take 2/3 cups course ground coffee, 3 cups water and combine in a jar and leave on the counter for about 12 hours. Every time I walk by I shake the jar. Filter out the grounds and store the coffee in the refrigerator.

In an attempt to not over or under caffeinate myself I like to drink my ice coffee out of mason jars – they have convenient measurements on them. The problem with this is there is a lot of condensation on the jar. So like any good knitter I knit a jar cozie. I have a lot small bits of hand spun yarn that is only good for small projects, so I dug thru the stash and found some yarn that matches my new mint green Cuppow.

Mason Jar cozieI am still a beginner spinner, and this was stuff I spin when I first started spinning. It is mostly a worsted weight yarn, but ranges from fingering to bulky. It is a wool silk blend dyed with food coloring. I cast on 39 stitches with a US 5 to get a dense fabric. Knit until desired length then cast off.

Sea Monster Sunday

A lot of blogs have cute weekly themes. Themes like “Finished Object Fridays” or “Start Something Sundays” or “WIP Wednesdays.” I thought for the next few weeks I would have “Sea Monster Sundays.”

This Sunday I have two sea monsters to offer.

North Pier

This is the remnants of the North Pier on Little Brewster Inland in Boston Harbor. The skeleton of the structure reminds me of a monster.

Deep Sea Anglerfish

This is the start of a knitted Deep Sea Angler fish. Terrifying creature from the depths of the ocean, but mine will be cute and squishy.