Monthly Archives: January 2014

January Hat

My first completed project of the year is a new hat:


Yarn is my handspun, pattern is a slightly modified Trivium. It was a quick easy knit. I knitted the entire thing while snowed in during the first blizzard of the year. It then sat in my knitting pile waiting for buttons for a few weeks. The buttons are supposed to be functional, but it’s been so cold out that I sewed the side of the hat shut, so at this point they are decorative. When it hit 0ºF outside warmth is more important than fashion.


December 2013

December and most of January got away from me. I wish I took better pictures of the completed projects, but I rushed to finish them in time. This was one of the first Christmases in a while when I didn’t have to give anyone a half finished item or a ball of yarn with a picture and a promise.

I made a pile of knitting for Christmas:

2013-12-22 11.30.34

Pile contains a hat, two cowls, and a dish cloth.

I sewed some gift bags:

2013-12-24 14.49.05And I finished this cross stitch project:


It was a busy month.