Monthly Archives: March 2013

Joe’s Socks

I am ending this month with another finished project! The first pair of socks I have intentionally knit for someone else. I like knitting socks, but they are very time consuming so I tend to make them only for me. I started knitting this pair for Joe in July 2011 and finished them yesterday.

Joe socks

I spent most of my knitting time the last two weeks working on these socks. It helped that I went to PAX East and spend a lot of time waiting in lines. That’s one of the things I like about sock knitting. Small and portable. They fit in a purse and are easily worked on while waiting. I knit a lot of this pair on the T. Including the day when the train got stuck in the tunnel and my 15 minute commute turned into a 3 hour ordeal.

Five to One

I was looking over my WIPS pile trying to find projects close to completion and I found one! All I needed to do was wash and frame the piece.

2013-03-17 15.19.06

I designed this pattern myself, I call it “Five to One” after The Doors song the phrase is from. The words a little squished, but I wanted it to fit into a 5×7 frame. A friend pointed it that the close spacing makes it looks more menacing.

Embracing the Dork Side

I haven’t finished any projects this week, but I have been working on two really nerdy projects:

1. Ohm Sweet Ohm cross stich – I bought a kit from Adafruit and have been working on it since August 2012. I have one row of flowers to stitch on the top and then I have to frame it. It’s a resistor chart for Joe. 

Ohm Sweet Ohn

2. Bigger on the Inside shawl – I started this in April 2012. I finished the lace charts and have about 2 inches of ribbing to knit on the bottom edge. There are TARDISes on it! What’s not to love?



Hopefully I will finish one or both of those project next week. I have 23 WIPs right now, I am a little afraid.

Bollywood Spun

I have been hoarding fiber samples. In an attempt to spin down my stash I grabbed a bunch that all had pink or red in them and spun them up and made really colorful yarn:


The samples are:

  1.  Silver Sun Aplacas – Silver Sun’s Bollywood
  2. Lady Llama fiber Co
  3. Spincereley yours – Kali
  4. Heavenly Fiber – Kaylee’s Dress
  5. By Rebekah with Love – Ultra Violet
  6. Expertly Dyed – Hot Little Sari
  7. Spin Up Gil Fibers – Lady Lotus
  8. Corgi Hill Farm – BFL Silk
  9. Prancing Pixel – Bollyworld Wedding: Day 1
  10. Girl Meets Spindle – Syrah
  11. WC Mercantile – Rachael Batt
  12. Spin Up Girl Fibers – Squished Trish
  13. Lanitium ex Machine – Bollywood art yarn kit

I ended up with about 110 yards of worsted weight yarn. I am going to do this next with all the blue samples I have.

Sea Cucumber Cowl

I spend a lot of time on public transportation. Not because I want to, but because it is always breaking down and I get stuck on the train. My train ride to work should only be 10 minutes, but it usually averages about 20. One side affect of this is I get a lot of time to people watch. I made two observations recently:

  1. Most people have really boring shoes.
  2. Knit cowls are now a trendy item. 

As a New Englander who is frequently cold I fully support this trend. I will never understand Ugg boots or wearing leggings as pants, but cowls I support. There is a practicality about them that I like. Cowls are another defensive line in the fight against winter chills. They are also less likely than a scarf to get stuck in train or bus door.

So I picked out some nice gray yarn and a simple pattern and made a cowl. The pattern was really easy to make and I am very happy with my finished product. However, it is not a flattering look for me. When I tried it on and looked at myself in the mirror it made me think about what a sea cucumber would look like if sea cucumbers wore cowls. It reminded me of all the reasons I try to avoid fashion trends. I am going to have to give this project to one of my more fashionable friends.


Yarn is Cascade Cash Vero DK (55% Merino, 33% Microfiber Acrylic, 12% Cashmere). Pattern is Double Basketweave Cowl by Karen Templar.