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Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

Knitpicks had a data breach several months ago that was very badly handled. Shortly after they announced that some of their customer data was stolen two of my cards had fraudulent charges on them. The fraudulent charges might not be because of Knitpicks, but I used both of the cards there. I was very, very angry at how they handled the problem and how badly they communicated information to their customers. I decided to not purchase anything from them again.

But they released a cryptozoology pattern set. I really like the Kraken neckwarmer/scarf. I can be an incredibly stubborn person, but this might make me crack. The only thing that is stopping me it the lack of appropriate yarn in my stash.

I made some progress on my sock:

Steampunkey Sock progress shotI am now about 25 rows into the chart. The problem was I was over thinking one of the cables. I can see a few mistakes in that photo, but I am going to leave them. I really don’t want to rip it out and reknit any of it. Anyone who is staring at socks close enough to notice mistakes will get kicked in the face.


NH Sheep and Wool

Last weekend was NH Sheep and Wool. It’s quickly becoming my favorite fiber fest. The weather wasn’t the best, but most of the vendors were inside this year so it worked out pretty well. Only got rained on while watching the sheep herding demonstration. The same person who does the sheep herding demonstrations at Gore Place does the demonstrations and NH Sheep and Wool. His demonstrations at fiber fests are a lot more enjoyable to watch than at Gore Place. They are more technical and the smaller audience allows the audience to ask questions and interact a bit more.

NH Sheep and wool sheep

The usual assortment of animals were there – sheep, goats, llamas, alpacas, and angora bunnies. Angora bunnies remind me of tribbles. I don’t know how they feel about Klingons, but the adults are all fluff and bunnies reproduce quickly. If I thought my cats wouldn’t terrorize a bunny I would probably have one.

Baby Angora Bunnies

I only bought two things – a skein of sock yarn from Ellen’s Half Pint Farm and a sock kit from the Tsarina of Tsocks. I wanted to buy all the sock kits at that booth. They all looked fun to make, but I made a tactical decision to leave the credit card at home and only bring cash. I think the Tsarina will be at Rhinebeck, so I can get another kit then.

Stash down continues. Stitch House is having an all craft swap on June 2. I like the rule that says I don’t have to leave with anything. I have started going though the stash looking for stuff to pass on to other crafters.

I Want Your Skull

I finished the Star Trek science badge. I am sick of looking at the badges so I did not start the third and final badge. I also don’t have the right color cloth right now. I started a different project instead:

Crimson Ghost

Crimson Ghost in glow in the dark embroidery floss. The glow in the dark floss is a but more fiddley and sheds a lot more than the regular stuff. It’s not as frustrating and annoying to use as the metallic thread. I really, really dislike that stuff.

I also knit about 2 inches on a glove I started last June.

Fruit Loop GloveI was knitting these one a set of needles that I didn’t really like, so I swapped then out for my signatures. The signatures are my favorite needles ever. Super sharp points, and grippy but not too grippy. I might even finish the fingers on these ones! The pattern is super easy and fun to make.


I’m going to try science!

I finished stitching the engineering badge and have started working on the science badge.

Star Trek: TOS Engineering and science cross stich badges

Star Trek: TOS Engineering and Science badges

The color aida cloth recommend for the command badge is “lemon twist”. Once I find it I can complete the three badges. I am not sure if I should frame them separately or as a set. Each badge will fit in a 5×7 frame.

Stitch it so!

I got bored with all my current knitting projects, so I cast on socks! I bought the steampunky socks kit at a fiber festival last year. I wanted to try making cabled socks and this one has buttons! Which I promptly lost, but then bought better ones at Windsor Button. I knit the cuff and started the chart. I then got stuck on the 6th row.

Steampunk socksThe pattern is a combination of bavarian twisted stitches and cables. This is the first time I have attempted to knit cables from a chart so I am finding it a little confusing. This is also my first attempt at a top down sock. I have only made toe up.  I got pretty annoyed at the chart, so I put it down and worked on some of my WIPs.

I finished weaving in the ends of a scarf. It now needs to be blocked. I worked a little bit on a blanket. 40 of 100 squares completed! I worked a little bit on a cross stich sampler. Got bored. I looked at a sweater I started a while a go. I organized my fiber. And then I started a new project.

Star Trek TOS Com badge engineering

It’s the engineering badge from Star Trek: TOS. I managed to find blue aida cloth, so the science badge will be next.

Spinning up a storm

Last post I mentioned I was spinning a lot, but I only showed one completed yarn. Well here is the rest:

Bollywood Experiment Kit

Spun from an Eternal Love Art Yarn Kit from lanitium ex machina on etsy this is yarn has all of the things! Alpaca, silk, silk noil, tencel, soy, wool, wensleydale locks, firestar (in gold and copper), silk sari ribbon, sari silk threads, and thin glittery thread.

It was a lot of fun to spin. Yarn that contains so many ingredients will never be even, so I didn’t even try. I ended up with about 150yds that ranges in thickness from fingering to super bulky. This is the sort of yarn that makes my spinning wheel cry. My wheel will happily spin all the fine yarns I like, but it does not handle super bulky yarn that well. 

Knitting with this will probably be a nightmare, so I might weave something with it instead.

XSive Art Batt

This yarn only has some of the things – merino, bamboo, and angelina. Batt was from an etsy shop that doesn’t seem to exist any more.

I didn’t want an even thickness yarn with this either so it ranges from fingering to DK. There is approximately 320 yards of this. I have no clue what I am going to do with this. No ideas. If someone wants this yarn I will trade it for baked goods.



Both of these yarns contain massive amounts of sparkle goodness. This stuff is like glitter – it gets every where. I have been finding pieces of it at work.


Spun in Punk

It’s spring time! Which means fiber festival season has started. The Gore Place sheep shearing festival was last weekend. It’s not a fiber festival, but there are sheep and fiber related events. The fiber tent is usually pretty hit or miss – I didn’t get any thing this year. The sheep herding demonstration included ducks this year. Yes, it is as funny to watch as it sounds.Duck herding gore placeThe ducks are Indian Runner ducks. The don’t waddle or fly like regular ducks, they run. They also stand upright and generally look silly.

I am running out of room to store fiber, so I have been spinning a lot. I finished three yarns and am working on a fourth. Today’s offering is spun from a braid from Mad Color. It’s a superwash merino nylon blend in the colorway “Pretty in Punk.” Black, hot pink, and red.

Pretty in Punk

Yarn is a 3py fingering weight. I only ended up with about 200 yds. I wasted a lot of fiber trying to get the stripes to match up. This might end up as a cowl. I am not too sure yet.

More on the rest of the yarns later…