Spinning up a storm

Last post I mentioned I was spinning a lot, but I only showed one completed yarn. Well here is the rest:

Bollywood Experiment Kit

Spun from an Eternal Love Art Yarn Kit from lanitium ex machina on etsy this is yarn has all of the things! Alpaca, silk, silk noil, tencel, soy, wool, wensleydale locks, firestar (in gold and copper), silk sari ribbon, sari silk threads, and thin glittery thread.

It was a lot of fun to spin. Yarn that contains so many ingredients will never be even, so I didn’t even try. I ended up with about 150yds that ranges in thickness from fingering to super bulky. This is the sort of yarn that makes my spinning wheel cry. My wheel will happily spin all the fine yarns I like, but it does not handle super bulky yarn that well. 

Knitting with this will probably be a nightmare, so I might weave something with it instead.

XSive Art Batt

This yarn only has some of the things – merino, bamboo, and angelina. Batt was from an etsy shop that doesn’t seem to exist any more.

I didn’t want an even thickness yarn with this either so it ranges from fingering to DK. There is approximately 320 yards of this. I have no clue what I am going to do with this. No ideas. If someone wants this yarn I will trade it for baked goods.



Both of these yarns contain massive amounts of sparkle goodness. This stuff is like glitter – it gets every where. I have been finding pieces of it at work.


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