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Sea Monster Sunday: Rhinebeck Edition

This weekend I went to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY with some pretty cool people. A friend of a friend chartered a bus so no one had to make the long drive to out. The festival was super crowed and I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the crowds and the lines.

Some of the the booths were extremely crowded so I skipped many of them but I still managed to do some shopping:

2013-10-20 11.45.254 ounces of wool & alpaca roving (80/20) from Foxfire Fiber & Designs,  Merino & Tencel Top from Cjkoho desgins, sock pattern book from Cooperative Press, red sock yarn, a small knitty noddy, and a shark week kit. I was initially attracted to the book because the shoes on the front cover are all Fluevogs. The patterns inside all looked like socks I would make and wear and it might help me with my sock yarn problem.

Shark Week

The shark week sock kit looked like a fun challening knit. The Tsarina of Tsocks, the creator of the most insane sock kits and patterns, designed shark socks. The kit even has a velcro remora. I started to read the pattern booklet but I am a little intimidated by it. I fear the kit is going to sink to the bottom of the sock yarn stash, lurking like some terrible predator waiting to strike. Hopefully it won’t eat any of my stash.

The best thing about the bus ride  – there was plenty of time to knit. So I started a sock:

2013-10-20 11.48.22



Three projects

I finished three knitting projects and frogged a sock the week.

First project –  sport weight socks. They are a little tight in the foot and the cast on edge should be a tad looser, but they are still wearable. I tried to match the stripes, but it didn’t quite work out. These were practice for a few techniques I haven’t tried so I am pretty happy that they are wearable. I was convinced I was going to end up with complicated knitted tangle that did not resemble wearable socks.


Quick socks pair

Second project – Nightlock Shawl in two of my favorite colors. I bought the pattern here. I am super happy with the finished item and really enjoyed knitting it. I like the designers aesthetic and will be making more of her patterns.

Nightlock completed

Third project – a scarf. I liked knitting this, but I am probably never going to wear it. If anyone wants it let me know! Otherwise it’s going to goodwill.

Noro Scarf


I also frogged a sock I started last year. I went to work on it, but couldn’t find my notes. I should really try to be more of a monogamous knitter to avoid situations like that.