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PAX East

For the past few years I’ve been attending PAX East. It’s getting harder and harder to get passes but a friend of mine had a great plan to alert him and then us once passes went on sale. The plan worked and we were able to get three day passes.

I usually use a free lanyard but this year I decided to make my own.

Chainmail lanyard with d10s

Rings are 14ga 5/16″ ID anodized aluminum from The Ring Lord. I didn’t have the correct pliers so the rings got a little scratched, but I don’t think anyone but me noticed.

2015-03-04 12.48.13

Pattern is the byzantine weave. From what I understand it’s not actually byzantine in origin, but it’s a good beginner pattern and looks pretty for jewelry. The only issue was it was about 10 degrees out so when I was outside the lanyard was a bit unpleasant. And I managed to get it stuck in my hair once.

PAX (as expected) was crowed.

PAX East main floor crowd

This year was a smidge better as Riot wasn’t there. They had a huge booth near one of the main escalators last year and always had a massive crowd around them. It made entering and exiting the main floor really stressful. I got hit in the head by some stupid bracelet they were throwing to the crowd. I imagine the Riot booth created a lot of head aches for the show organizers.

This year I didn’t see any video games I was too excited about but I saw some a neat looking board games. In the Indie Megabooth there was Mech Deck – it’s a card game that uses a mech building. It reminded me a little of the game Cootie. It’s a game I had as a kid. There was a bug you had to assemble with some sort of dice rolling mechanic. The X Files board game looked fun too, but I don’t think I would be able to find enough people to play it with.

Temperatures Scarf – February 2015

Went to NYC towards the end of February where it was still snowy and cold but not as snowy and cold as Boston was.

Snowy NYC skyline View from the Empire State Building.

They city looks pretty with a light dusting of snow. I think they got about an inch and a half the night we arrived. All the snow was gone by the time we left. Unfortunately it was still about 10 degrees in Boston with about 100 inches of snow on the ground when I returned.

Still working on this:


The section between the two purple stitch markers is for February. Colors used are:

below 0 – White (4 days)
0-9 – Grey (16 days)
10-19 – Pink (7 days)
20-29 – Light Purple (1 day)

One does not simply change hosts for WordPress

I’ve successfully switched webhosts and I think I have everything up and running. It took me about a week to sort everything out. There was much frustration and some tears but there is a lot of documentation for and I was able to google every issue I had. The problem was knowing what terms to google. This was my fist time using phpMyAdmin and I was unfamiliar with most of the terminology. It was a good learning experience. Hopefully I won’t have to do it again anytime soon.

I have finished a bunch of projects and will work on photographing and writing them up. I think everyone like posts with pictures so here is picture of a sleeping cat.

2015-03-05 11.38.18