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Sea Monster Sunday: Caturday

I finished my Kraken Scarf!

Cat sitting on scarf

As usual my helper was around. I took photos of several projects today he sat on most of them (the projects, not the photos). The one project he didn’t sit on Cyd sat on. I think she was feeling a little left out. For one brief moment my new hat didn’t have cat hair on it.

Cat sitting on hat

Oh well. Cat hair is why grey is my favorite color. Without the a cat sitting on it the Kraken scarf looks like this:

scarf that looks like a krakenI find the lopsided eyes charming but I don’t like how the suckers look. I might end up redoing them. I only made one modification to the project – I knit the body 4 inches shorter than written. I’m short and I didn’t want this project at my knees.

Spinning Projects

Most of the projects I have mostly been working on are gifts, so no pictures of those yet. I can share pictures of the yarns I recently spun.

2013-10-05 14.18.26

Top skien is a handful of neutral samples nplyed together so it will stripe. I plan on making in to to this hat: Capucine. I recently cut most of my hair off and I want a warmer hat than what I have now. It’s getting cold out there.

Bottom skien is a a two ply of Corriedale Cross I dyed with Kool Aid and spun with silk sari threads. No project in mind for it yet. It’s pretty bulky and soft but I don’t wear a lot of pink. I might give it away.

2013-12-07 08.25.17This is spun from a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend I purchased from Llady Llama Co. It’s not spun as evenly as I wanted but I need more practice with slippery fibers. I wanted to try fractal spinning to change the order of the striping. I am looking forward to knitting this up once I pick a project.

Last spinning project is some singles photo bombed by Cyd:

2013-12-07 08.25.47

I used a whole lot of samples to spin two bobbins of singles. I am thinking about plying it with grey commercial yarn and then knitting a huge wrap.

If you are wondering why I have some many fiber samples it’s because I sometimes buy the Phat Fiber box. Once a month there is a themed box available for purchase that has about 10-15 samples in it. I really enjoy getting to try a variety of fibers from a lot of different indie vendors. They do a lot of give aways on the blog too. My fiber stash consists is about 40% Phat fiber contributors, 50% from vendors I’ve checked out at festivals and 10% from my LYS.