Spinning Projects

Most of the projects I have mostly been working on are gifts, so no pictures of those yet. I can share pictures of the yarns I recently spun.

2013-10-05 14.18.26

Top skien is a handful of neutral samples nplyed together so it will stripe. I plan on making in to to this hat: Capucine. I recently cut most of my hair off and I want a warmer hat than what I have now. It’s getting cold out there.

Bottom skien is a a two ply of Corriedale Cross I dyed with Kool Aid and spun with silk sari threads. No project in mind for it yet. It’s pretty bulky and soft but I don’t wear a lot of pink. I might give it away.

2013-12-07 08.25.17This is spun from a Merino/Bamboo/Nylon blend I purchased from Llady Llama Co. It’s not spun as evenly as I wanted but I need more practice with slippery fibers. I wanted to try fractal spinning to change the order of the striping. I am looking forward to knitting this up once I pick a project.

Last spinning project is some singles photo bombed by Cyd:

2013-12-07 08.25.47

I used a whole lot of samples to spin two bobbins of singles. I am thinking about plying it with grey commercial yarn and then knitting a huge wrap.

If you are wondering why I have some many fiber samples it’s because I sometimes buy the Phat Fiber box. Once a month there is a themed box available for purchase that has about 10-15 samples in it. I really enjoy getting to try a variety of fibers from a lot of different indie vendors. They do a lot of give aways on the blog too. My fiber stash consists is about 40% Phat fiber contributors, 50% from vendors I’ve checked out at festivals and 10% from my LYS.

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