Cyd Hat

Okay, I didn’t really knit The Cyd a hat. She would not appreciate it at all and would probably crap in my shoes while I slept. I instead knitted myself a hat with yarn I picked out to match her.


The Cyd does not approve of knitwear for cats

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts makes a line of yarn in cat and dog colorways. I think they are called the “Meow Collection” and “Woof Collection.” Naturally when I came across it I bought two skeins – one in Grey Tabby and a second in Siamese. The Cyd yarn had a lot more black then she does, but it was close enough. As long as she doesn’t have to wear it I don’t think she cares.


Pattern is Sockhead. This is the third one I’ve made. It makes great commute knitting. Endless knitting that I don’t have to pay much attention to. I also have a lot of sock yarn. I just cast on Sockhead #4…

Anyways, most of the yarn in the Meow Collection is variegated. Variegated yarn (multicolored with short bits of color) tends to flash and pool – the colors clump together. Flashing is when they clump like a lightening bolt. Pooling is when they clump like puddles. Many knitters and crocheters will try to avoid flashing and pooling but I think that sometimes it can look really neat. The flashing on this hat reminded me of tabby stripes so I went with it.


I had to tweak it a bit. There were a few times when the flashing got a bit out of whack so I would add an increase or decrease to make the yarn do what I wanted it to. The pattern is flexible enough that random increase and decreases don’t matter much.

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