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I Want Your Skull

I finished the Star Trek science badge. I am sick of looking at the badges so I did not start the third and final badge. I also don’t have the right color cloth right now. I started a different project instead:

Crimson Ghost

Crimson Ghost in glow in the dark embroidery floss. The glow in the dark floss is a but more fiddley and sheds a lot more than the regular stuff. It’s not as frustrating and annoying to use as the┬ámetallic┬áthread. I really, really dislike that stuff.

I also knit about 2 inches on a glove I started last June.

Fruit Loop GloveI was knitting these one a set of needles that I didn’t really like, so I swapped then out for my signatures. The signatures are my favorite needles ever. Super sharp points, and grippy but not too grippy. I might even finish the fingers on these ones! The pattern is super easy and fun to make.