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Holden Pattern

Several of my WIPS were close to completion, so I thought I would spend some time on them. It paid off and now I have more finished projects:

1. Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes. Started 10/31/2010 and I finished knitting it 7/1/2011. It sat in   a pile waiting patiently for blocking. This was a super easy knit and I loved using the yarn. It’s Handmaiden Mini Maiden 50/50 wool/silk.

2013-04-15 07.50.05

2. Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante. Started 5/22/2011 finished knitting it 7/7/2011. Sat in the same pile waiting for blocking and weaving in of ends. Blocked and wove in the ends on 4/17/2013. Knit from Knitpicks Felici in the Rainbow colorway.


3. Bigger on the Inside shawl by Kate Atherley. Started 4/23/2012 finished knitting it 4/14/2013. I stashed this in my desk at work and worked on it during breaks.

Bigger on the Inside ShawlNow I am down to 20 WIPS!


Battle Ready Knit Wear

I went to PAX East a couple weeks ago and saw someone wearing scale mail fingerless gloves that looked knitted. I figured it wouldn’t be that hard to recreate and I had some scales in my craft stash so I knitted a swatch.

Scale Mail Swatch

It was super easy. It was easier to add scales to knitting than it was to add beads. I am going to swatch a little bit more and do some math and figure out how many scales to use.

Ohm is where the sampler hangs

Another finished project! This project is also for Joe. It’s one of his Christmas gifts for 2012. I grossly underestimated how much time it would take to stitch this when I could only work on it in secret. Knitting on the T is easy, embroidery on the T is not (knot?).

Ohm Sweet Ohm

The top row of flowers isn’t crooked, it was laying on a towel drying when I took the picture. I bought the kit from Adafruit Industries. I still need to iron and frame it, but the stitching is done. The  instructions and pattern were really easy to follow. I hated working with metallic thread, but it was only a small part of the chart.

It feels good to have another completed project. I am trying to end 2013 with less WIPS than I started with, so I am trying to only start new projects after I finish 3. This seems to be working as I started with 27 WIPS, and now I am down to 19! I also finished a shawl (more on that later). Now that I have finished 3 WIPS I cast on a project for me. I started knitting The Age of Brass and Steam shawl using some tweedy yarn I got at the Windsor Button closing sale. Yarn is Louisa Harding Willow Tweed. It’s a blend of alpaca, merino and silk. The ball band claims it is DK, but that’s a lie.

2013-04-14 14.32.45

I also got some really awesome small star buttons. I was thinking maybe the Steampunkery Socks kit, or the Spatterdash wrist warmers. I have the yarn I need for those projects, but I don’t think I have the right needles. I can’t cast on until I finished 3 more projects anyway.

Winter Blues

In the last year, the Boston area has lost two yarn stores. A third is now up for sale (Mind’s Eye) and a fourth (Windsor Button) is now closing. New shops have opened in the area, but I am really going to miss Windsor Button. The staff is awesome, the selection was good and the prices were competitive. I have gone is a couple times to take advantage of the closing sales, but it felt a little bit like going to a wake.

My color choice this week reflects my mood. I spun most of my blue fiber samples into yarn:

Winter Blues

Most of the samples are from Phat Fiber boxes:

  1. Giffordables – Blue Velvet
  2. Crochet by KA – Warp Core
  3. 6 Cats Knitting Around
  4. Heavenly Fiber – Bollywood sample?
  5. Heavenly Fiber – Snow Queen
  6. Woolie Bullie – Blue Morpho
  7. Felting Sunshine – Avatar Blend
  8. Rebel Yarns – Blue Portal
  9. Some random locks from the stash, I am not sure of the source.

I did not have as many blue samples as I did reds and pink so I spun up some blue merino I had in my stash to ply it with. I ended up with about 300 yards of fingering weight yarn. I think I might use this to knit a wingspan.