Winter Blues

In the last year, the Boston area has lost two yarn stores. A third is now up for sale (Mind’s Eye) and a fourth (Windsor Button) is now closing. New shops have opened in the area, but I am really going to miss Windsor Button. The staff is awesome, the selection was good and the prices were competitive. I have gone is a couple times to take advantage of the closing sales, but it felt a little bit like going to a wake.

My color choice this week reflects my mood. I spun most of my blue fiber samples into yarn:

Winter Blues

Most of the samples are from Phat Fiber boxes:

  1. Giffordables – Blue Velvet
  2. Crochet by KA – Warp Core
  3. 6 Cats Knitting Around
  4. Heavenly Fiber – Bollywood sample?
  5. Heavenly Fiber – Snow Queen
  6. Woolie Bullie – Blue Morpho
  7. Felting Sunshine – Avatar Blend
  8. Rebel Yarns – Blue Portal
  9. Some random locks from the stash, I am not sure of the source.

I did not have as many blue samples as I did reds and pink so I spun up some blue merino I had in my stash to ply it with. I ended up with about 300 yards of fingering weight yarn. I think I might use this to knit a wingspan.


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