Temperatures Scarf- December

The last installment of the 2015 low temperatures scarf.


Colors used:

Pink (10-19) – 1 day
Light Purple (20-29) – 7 days
Dark Purple (30-39) – 15 days
Blue (40-49) – 8 days


Approximate totals of yarn used:

White [Oyster Heather] (below 0) – 11 yards
Grey [Silver] (0-9) – 185 yards
Pink [Rouge] (10-19) – 152 yards
Light Purple [Aster] (20-29) – 104 yards
Dark Purple [Urchin] (30-39) – 140 yards
Blue [Caribbean] (40-49) – 208 yards
Light Green [Alfalfa] (50-59) – 161 yards
Dark Green [Macaw] (60-69) – 215 yards
Yellow [Semolina] (70-79) – 28 yards

Yarn used is Knit Picks Palette and the color name is in brackets.

Low temps for 2015 ranged from -7 F to 74 F. February 2015 was the coldest month (and February 2016 is shaping up to be similar). February is sort of the worst month. We are not yet buried with snow but we had some pretty cold days.

3 thoughts on “Temperatures Scarf- December

  1. Lalita Deb

    Hi! Loved reading your progress throught the year and i think your scarf is lovely!
    I’m also tryig a temperature scarf in the round but am not able to get round the colour changes. I’m doing a max and a min temperature for each day and have about 13 colours.
    So, do I carry the yarn (all 13 colours!) up? If I cut it at the end of each row, how would I join in the new colour? How did you do it?

    1. Captian Post author


      My strategy was to carry the yarn up if I had 6 or less rows. If if was more than 6 rows I cut then joined the yarn. I just made a snug knot inside the tube and just started knitting with the new color. Knitting in the round allows you to hide the ends pretty well.


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