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Temperatures Scarf- December

The last installment of the 2015 low temperatures scarf.


Colors used:

Pink (10-19) – 1 day
Light Purple (20-29) – 7 days
Dark Purple (30-39) – 15 days
Blue (40-49) – 8 days


Approximate totals of yarn used:

White [Oyster Heather] (below 0) – 11 yards
Grey [Silver] (0-9) – 185 yards
Pink [Rouge] (10-19) – 152 yards
Light Purple [Aster] (20-29) – 104 yards
Dark Purple [Urchin] (30-39) – 140 yards
Blue [Caribbean] (40-49) – 208 yards
Light Green [Alfalfa] (50-59) – 161 yards
Dark Green [Macaw] (60-69) – 215 yards
Yellow [Semolina] (70-79) – 28 yards

Yarn used is Knit Picks Palette and the color name is in brackets.

Low temps for 2015 ranged from -7 F to 74 F. February 2015 was the coldest month (and February 2016 is shaping up to be similar). February is sort of the worst month. We are not yet buried with snow but we had some pretty cold days.

Temperatures Scarf- October & November

I finished this project in early January but I got pretty bored with it. The knitting wasn’t that interesting and it was too fiddly to work on for commute knitting.

October was pretty solidly light blue. I enjoyed the weather but it made for a dull knit.


October colors used:

Light Purple (20-29) – 1 day
Dark Purple (30-39) – 8 days
Blue (40-49) – 16 days
Light Green (50-59) – 6 days

November was a bit cooler.


November colors used:

Light Purple (20-29) – 7 days
Dark Purple (30-39) – 8 days
Blue (40-49) – 13 days
Light Green (50-59) – 1 day
Dark Green (60-69) – 1 day

December post coming soon.

Temperatures scarf- September

September scarf segment brings back the return of blue:

Sept 2015

Colors used:

Blue (40-49) – 2 days
Light Green (50-59) – 13 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 12 days
Yellow (70-71) – 3 days

I only have 4.7 grams of dark green left (enough for 2 or 3 days). Unless fall is unseasonably warm I should make it. The lows for October so far have been in the 30’s – 50’s so far.

In addition to getting to shoot with a 5D (soo much fun) I’ve been playing around with a Canon 40D. It’s not full frame but it’s a bit nicer than my usual camera 9 year old Canon 350XT. The 40D and 5D had very simular dials and setting and are a lot easier to use. Compared to my 350XT the 40D focuses  faster, has a better image quality, and the two dials make it a lot easier to use. I think the weather sealing on the 40D is also a lot better, but it’s not my camera so I’m not going to test that.

I took this picture with the 40D and 50mm 1.4:Baby goat

Look at that nose! I always feel a little weird taking pictures of stranger’s kids, but mama goat didn’t mind.

Temperatures Scarf – August

As usual Loki wanted to be in the picture. I tried to take project photo on my desk, so he immediately hopped up and made himself comfortable. He also tried to push the project onto the floor. It was in his way…


I am getting a little worried about running out of dark green. I have used about 40 of 50 grams. It the most used color in this project so far.


Colors used:

Light Green (50-59) – 4 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 23 days
Yellow (70-71) – 4 days

Temperatures Scarf – July

There are three colors I haven’t used yet.


Light orange (80-89), orange (90-99), and red (100-109). That doesn’t mean that summer has been cool. We have had a few 100+ days but I am only tracking the low temperatures. It might be interesting to knit a scarf representing the high temp of the day. Sometimes there will be a 20-30 degree difference between high and low. This scarf does not record that.

July has a lot of green. Spoiler Alert – August will too.


July is between the two purple stitch markers. Colors used:

Light Green (50-59) – 5 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 23 days
Yellow (70-71) – 3 days

Temperatures Scarf – March 2015

Photographing a project is often a challenge. I have a “helper” who seems to think that he should be the subject of every photo. This morning I wanted to get an updated photo for my scarf and I came up with a plan. Part one –  Loki likes to yell at the dishwasher. So I loaded it up and turned it on. He ran right over and started yelling at it. Part two – cats like windows and Loki also like yelling at pedestrian/dogs/birds/leaves. So I opened two windows. I figured several distractions were better than one so my plan was foolproof.

Cat distractions in place I dragged a chair near an unopened window under some great natural light then laid my project down.

Loki sitting on scarf

So my plan may have been foolproof but it wasn’t cat proof. As soon as I put the project down he ran over and sat on it. When he wasn’t trying to sit on the project he was trying to knock the yarn on to the floor. Once I got an okay picture (meaning I took about 20 pictures than got sick of moving the cat and gave up). I put the project away and the silly cat went back to yelling at the dishwasher.


March rows are between the two stitch markers at the top of the photo.

Colors used:

0-9 – Grey (2 days)
10-19 – Pink (8 days)
20-29 – Light Purple (14 days)
30-39 – Dark Purple (7 days)

 The blue rows are in April.

Temperatures Scarf – February 2015

Went to NYC towards the end of February where it was still snowy and cold but not as snowy and cold as Boston was.

Snowy NYC skyline View from the Empire State Building.

They city looks pretty with a light dusting of snow. I think they got about an inch and a half the night we arrived. All the snow was gone by the time we left. Unfortunately it was still about 10 degrees in Boston with about 100 inches of snow on the ground when I returned.

Still working on this:


The section between the two purple stitch markers is for February. Colors used are:

below 0 – White (4 days)
0-9 – Grey (16 days)
10-19 – Pink (7 days)
20-29 – Light Purple (1 day)