Temperatures Scarf – March 2015

Photographing a project is often a challenge. I have a “helper” who seems to think that he should be the subject of every photo. This morning I wanted to get an updated photo for my scarf and I came up with a plan. Part one –  Loki likes to yell at the dishwasher. So I loaded it up and turned it on. He ran right over and started yelling at it. Part two – cats like windows and Loki also like yelling at pedestrian/dogs/birds/leaves. So I opened two windows. I figured several distractions were better than one so my plan was foolproof.

Cat distractions in place I dragged a chair near an unopened window under some great natural light then laid my project down.

Loki sitting on scarf

So my plan may have been foolproof but it wasn’t cat proof. As soon as I put the project down he ran over and sat on it. When he wasn’t trying to sit on the project he was trying to knock the yarn on to the floor. Once I got an okay picture (meaning I took about 20 pictures than got sick of moving the cat and gave up). I put the project away and the silly cat went back to yelling at the dishwasher.


March rows are between the two stitch markers at the top of the photo.

Colors used:

0-9 – Grey (2 days)
10-19 – Pink (8 days)
20-29 – Light Purple (14 days)
30-39 – Dark Purple (7 days)

 The blue rows are in April.

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