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Sea Monster Sunday: Nessie

I knitted myself a Nessie! While technically not a sea monster, it still is rarely sighted and comes from the deep dark depths of my stash. I started in July and finished her this weekend while watching episodes of the X-Files.

Nessie Headshot photo

She is a pretty good sized stash monster too. From nose to tip of the tail is a bit longer than a standard keyboard. I am think about sticking a pipe cleaner down the neck and tail so I can pose her better.

Nessie Body shot photo

Pattern was a bit unclear and tricky in some places, but I am not too worried about having an anatomically incorrect knitted lake monster. 

Sea Monster Sunday

I am still working on the Deep Sea Angler fish. I have finished the body and am now working on the mouth.

Deep Sea Anglerfish body

I am really enjoying the patterns from Amigurumi Knits. I am making two items from the book and they are both very well written and extremely detailed. There is a lot of terminology in the book I am unfamiliar with but everything has clear photos and easy to follow instructions. I am learning a lot about constructions techniques but knitting these creepy creatures. I am also getting a lot of practice with the kitchener stitch. Every pattern in the book uses it.

I also knit a second tentacle for my Kraken scarf.

two knit tentacles

Two more to go and then a whole lot of stockinette stitch and then I can start the face.. Kraken scarves are the next new hotness.

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal!

Knitpicks had a data breach several months ago that was very badly handled. Shortly after they announced that some of their customer data was stolen two of my cards had fraudulent charges on them. The fraudulent charges might not be because of Knitpicks, but I used both of the cards there. I was very, very angry at how they handled the problem and how badly they communicated information to their customers. I decided to not purchase anything from them again.

But they released a cryptozoology pattern set. I really like the Kraken neckwarmer/scarf. I can be an incredibly stubborn person, but this might make me crack. The only thing that is stopping me it the lack of appropriate yarn in my stash.

I made some progress on my sock:

Steampunkey Sock progress shotI am now about 25 rows into the chart. The problem was I was over thinking one of the cables. I can see a few mistakes in that photo, but I am going to leave them. I really don’t want to rip it out and reknit any of it. Anyone who is staring at socks close enough to notice mistakes will get kicked in the face.