Sea Monster Sunday

I am still working on the Deep Sea Angler fish. I have finished the body and am now working on the mouth.

Deep Sea Anglerfish body

I am really enjoying the patterns from Amigurumi Knits. I am making two items from the book and they are both very well written and extremely detailed. There is a lot of terminology in the book I am unfamiliar with but everything has clear photos and easy to follow instructions. I am learning a lot about constructions techniques but knitting these creepy creatures. I am also getting a lot of practice with the kitchener stitch. Every pattern in the book uses it.

I also knit a second tentacle for my Kraken scarf.

two knit tentacles

Two more to go and then a whole lot of stockinette stitch and then I can start the face.. Kraken scarves are the next new hotness.

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