Mason Jar Cozie

I have been drinking a lot of ice coffee lately. In an attempt to save some $, I started making cold brew ice coffee at home. I take 2/3 cups course ground coffee, 3 cups water and combine in a jar and leave on the counter for about 12 hours. Every time I walk by I shake the jar. Filter out the grounds and store the coffee in the refrigerator.

In an attempt to not over or under caffeinate myself I like to drink my ice coffee out of mason jars – they have convenient measurements on them. The problem with this is there is a lot of condensation on the jar. So like any good knitter I knit a jar cozie. I have a lot small bits of hand spun yarn that is only good for small projects, so I dug thru the stash and found some yarn that matches my new mint green Cuppow.

Mason Jar cozieI am still a beginner spinner, and this was stuff I spin when I first started spinning. It is mostly a worsted weight yarn, but ranges from fingering to bulky. It is a wool silk blend dyed with food coloring. I cast on 39 stitches with a US 5 to get a dense fabric. Knit until desired length then cast off.

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