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Blanket of the Edge of Forever

I might rename my blog to “Projects My Cats Sit On.” I wanted to admire my progress on this project so I spread it out on the floor. Almost immediately Loki strolled into the the center of it, surveyed the project, found a spot he liked, and made himself comfortable.

cat sitting on almost done blanket

It was easier to let him sit there than it was to move him to try to get a cat free picture. He would just whine then move back. I know I’m biased but I think this picture looks better with a cat in it. An unfinished blanket is a bit boring to look at. Maybe his cuteness will distract from the all the ends sticking out.

This blanket is almost done. I have to pick up and knit the border on the left side, weave in all the ends and wash it. I started this project January 2013 and I will be able to finish it by the end of the month. It is a fun project to work on in the winter but pretty miserable to work on in the summer.  While procrastinating knitting this I did some math. This project will contain about 260,000 stitches. I have about 3,400 stitches left.

I am going to end up using approximately 3,250 yards (1.8 miles) of yarn. However the yarn was the cheap part of the project. I am using Knit Picks Brava sport that I bought on sale. The cost of the yarn + pattern was around $30. Labor is the expensive part of this project, it’s going to take me about 135 hours to complete this. There are 100 square and they each took about 1 hour to knit. The border is going to take about 20 hours. Finishing – weaving in the ends, washing and lightly blocking this is going to take another 15 hours.

If I make this again I will use smaller squares. Did I mention I bought enough yarn to make two of these? The second was will be rainbow colored.

Temperatures Scarf – August

As usual Loki wanted to be in the picture. I tried to take project photo on my desk, so he immediately hopped up and made himself comfortable. He also tried to push the project onto the floor. It was in his way…


I am getting a little worried about running out of dark green. I have used about 40 of 50 grams. It the most used color in this project so far.


Colors used:

Light Green (50-59) – 4 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 23 days
Yellow (70-71) – 4 days

Sea Monster Sunday: Caturday

I finished my Kraken Scarf!

Cat sitting on scarf

As usual my helper was around. I took photos of several projects today he sat on most of them (the projects, not the photos). The one project he didn’t sit on Cyd sat on. I think she was feeling a little left out. For one brief moment my new hat didn’t have cat hair on it.

Cat sitting on hat

Oh well. Cat hair is why grey is my favorite color. Without the a cat sitting on it the Kraken scarf looks like this:

scarf that looks like a krakenI find the lopsided eyes charming but I don’t like how the suckers look. I might end up redoing them. I only made one modification to the project – I knit the body 4 inches shorter than written. I’m short and I didn’t want this project at my knees.

Temperatures Scarf – July

There are three colors I haven’t used yet.


Light orange (80-89), orange (90-99), and red (100-109). That doesn’t mean that summer has been cool. We have had a few 100+ days but I am only tracking the low temperatures. It might be interesting to knit a scarf representing the high temp of the day. Sometimes there will be a 20-30 degree difference between high and low. This scarf does not record that.

July has a lot of green. Spoiler Alert – August will too.


July is between the two purple stitch markers. Colors used:

Light Green (50-59) – 5 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 23 days
Yellow (70-71) – 3 days