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Sea Monster Sunday: Caturday

I finished my Kraken Scarf!

Cat sitting on scarf

As usual my helper was around. I took photos of several projects today he sat on most of them (the projects, not the photos). The one project he didn’t sit on Cyd sat on. I think she was feeling a little left out. For one brief moment my new hat didn’t have cat hair on it.

Cat sitting on hat

Oh well. Cat hair is why grey is my favorite color. Without the a cat sitting on it the Kraken scarf looks like this:

scarf that looks like a krakenI find the lopsided eyes charming but I don’t like how the suckers look. I might end up redoing them. I only made one modification to the project – I knit the body 4 inches shorter than written. I’m short and I didn’t want this project at my knees.

Sea Monster Sunday: Nessie

I knitted myself a Nessie! While technically not a sea monster, it still is rarely sighted and comes from the deep dark depths of my stash. I started in July and finished her this weekend while watching episodes of the X-Files.

Nessie Headshot photo

She is a pretty good sized stash monster too. From nose to tip of the tail is a bit longer than a standard keyboard. I am think about sticking a pipe cleaner down the neck and tail so I can pose her better.

Nessie Body shot photo

Pattern was a bit unclear and tricky in some places, but I am not too worried about having an anatomically incorrect knitted lake monster. 

Sea Monster Sunday: Cranberries

My favorite fall food isn’t the pumpkin spice crap that invades like a non native species, it’s cranberries!  This year for Thanksgiving I made cranberry rum sauce. In previous years I used Captain Morgan spiced rum, but this year I used Kraken black rum.

Cranrum001I used the recipe from the Ball Complete Guide to Home Preserving. Only modification was I used 1 cup of rum instead of 3/4 cup. Turns out better that way.

cranrum003I think this is the sort of condiment that should be served at a pirate themed meal.

Sea Monster Sunday: Rhinebeck Edition

This weekend I went to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck NY with some pretty cool people. A friend of a friend chartered a bus so no one had to make the long drive to out. The festival was super crowed and I mostly forgot to take pictures because I was feeling a little overwhelmed by the crowds and the lines.

Some of the the booths were extremely crowded so I skipped many of them but I still managed to do some shopping:

2013-10-20 11.45.254 ounces of wool & alpaca roving (80/20) from Foxfire Fiber & Designs,  Merino & Tencel Top from Cjkoho desgins, sock pattern book from Cooperative Press, red sock yarn, a small knitty noddy, and a shark week kit. I was initially attracted to the book because the shoes on the front cover are all Fluevogs. The patterns inside all looked like socks I would make and wear and it might help me with my sock yarn problem.

Shark Week

The shark week sock kit looked like a fun challening knit. The Tsarina of Tsocks, the creator of the most insane sock kits and patterns, designed shark socks. The kit even has a velcro remora. I started to read the pattern booklet but I am a little intimidated by it. I fear the kit is going to sink to the bottom of the sock yarn stash, lurking like some terrible predator waiting to strike. Hopefully it won’t eat any of my stash.

The best thing about the bus ride  – there was plenty of time to knit. So I started a sock:

2013-10-20 11.48.22



Sea Monster Sunday

I am still working on the Deep Sea Angler fish. I have finished the body and am now working on the mouth.

Deep Sea Anglerfish body

I am really enjoying the patterns from Amigurumi Knits. I am making two items from the book and they are both very well written and extremely detailed. There is a lot of terminology in the book I am unfamiliar with but everything has clear photos and easy to follow instructions. I am learning a lot about constructions techniques but knitting these creepy creatures. I am also getting a lot of practice with the kitchener stitch. Every pattern in the book uses it.

I also knit a second tentacle for my Kraken scarf.

two knit tentacles

Two more to go and then a whole lot of stockinette stitch and then I can start the face.. Kraken scarves are the next new hotness.

Sea Monster Sunday

A lot of blogs have cute weekly themes. Themes like “Finished Object Fridays” or “Start Something Sundays” or “WIP Wednesdays.” I thought for the next few weeks I would have “Sea Monster Sundays.”

This Sunday I have two sea monsters to offer.

North Pier

This is the remnants of the North Pier on Little Brewster Inland in Boston Harbor. The skeleton of the structure reminds me of a monster.

Deep Sea Anglerfish

This is the start of a knitted Deep Sea Angler fish. Terrifying creature from the depths of the ocean, but mine will be cute and squishy.