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December 2013

December and most of January got away from me. I wish I took better pictures of the completed projects, but I rushed to finish them in time. This was one of the first Christmases in a while when I didn’t have to give anyone a half finished item or a ball of yarn with a picture and a promise.

I made a pile of knitting for Christmas:

2013-12-22 11.30.34

Pile contains a hat, two cowls, and a dish cloth.

I sewed some gift bags:

2013-12-24 14.49.05And I finished this cross stitch project:


It was a busy month.

I Want Your Skull

I finished the Star Trek science badge. I am sick of looking at the badges so I did not start the third and final badge. I also don’t have the right color cloth right now. I started a different project instead:

Crimson Ghost

Crimson Ghost in glow in the dark embroidery floss. The glow in the dark floss is a but more fiddley and sheds a lot more than the regular stuff. It’s not as frustrating and annoying to use as the metallic thread. I really, really dislike that stuff.

I also knit about 2 inches on a glove I started last June.

Fruit Loop GloveI was knitting these one a set of needles that I didn’t really like, so I swapped then out for my signatures. The signatures are my favorite needles ever. Super sharp points, and grippy but not too grippy. I might even finish the fingers on these ones! The pattern is super easy and fun to make.


I’m going to try science!

I finished stitching the engineering badge and have started working on the science badge.

Star Trek: TOS Engineering and science cross stich badges

Star Trek: TOS Engineering and Science badges

The color aida cloth recommend for the command badge is “lemon twist”. Once I find it I can complete the three badges. I am not sure if I should frame them separately or as a set. Each badge will fit in a 5×7 frame.

Stitch it so!

I got bored with all my current knitting projects, so I cast on socks! I bought the steampunky socks kit at a fiber festival last year. I wanted to try making cabled socks and this one has buttons! Which I promptly lost, but then bought better ones at Windsor Button. I knit the cuff and started the chart. I then got stuck on the 6th row.

Steampunk socksThe pattern is a combination of bavarian twisted stitches and cables. This is the first time I have attempted to knit cables from a chart so I am finding it a little confusing. This is also my first attempt at a top down sock. I have only made toe up.  I got pretty annoyed at the chart, so I put it down and worked on some of my WIPs.

I finished weaving in the ends of a scarf. It now needs to be blocked. I worked a little bit on a blanket. 40 of 100 squares completed! I worked a little bit on a cross stich sampler. Got bored. I looked at a sweater I started a while a go. I organized my fiber. And then I started a new project.

Star Trek TOS Com badge engineering

It’s the engineering badge from Star Trek: TOS. I managed to find blue aida cloth, so the science badge will be next.

Ohm is where the sampler hangs

Another finished project! This project is also for Joe. It’s one of his Christmas gifts for 2012. I grossly underestimated how much time it would take to stitch this when I could only work on it in secret. Knitting on the T is easy, embroidery on the T is not (knot?).

Ohm Sweet Ohm

The top row of flowers isn’t crooked, it was laying on a towel drying when I took the picture. I bought the kit from Adafruit Industries. I still need to iron and frame it, but the stitching is done. The  instructions and pattern were really easy to follow. I hated working with metallic thread, but it was only a small part of the chart.

It feels good to have another completed project. I am trying to end 2013 with less WIPS than I started with, so I am trying to only start new projects after I finish 3. This seems to be working as I started with 27 WIPS, and now I am down to 19! I also finished a shawl (more on that later). Now that I have finished 3 WIPS I cast on a project for me. I started knitting The Age of Brass and Steam shawl using some tweedy yarn I got at the Windsor Button closing sale. Yarn is Louisa Harding Willow Tweed. It’s a blend of alpaca, merino and silk. The ball band claims it is DK, but that’s a lie.

2013-04-14 14.32.45

I also got some really awesome small star buttons. I was thinking maybe the Steampunkery Socks kit, or the Spatterdash wrist warmers. I have the yarn I need for those projects, but I don’t think I have the right needles. I can’t cast on until I finished 3 more projects anyway.

Five to One

I was looking over my WIPS pile trying to find projects close to completion and I found one! All I needed to do was wash and frame the piece.

2013-03-17 15.19.06

I designed this pattern myself, I call it “Five to One” after The Doors song the phrase is from. The words a little squished, but I wanted it to fit into a 5×7 frame. A friend pointed it that the close spacing makes it looks more menacing.

Embracing the Dork Side

I haven’t finished any projects this week, but I have been working on two really nerdy projects:

1. Ohm Sweet Ohm cross stich – I bought a kit from Adafruit and have been working on it since August 2012. I have one row of flowers to stitch on the top and then I have to frame it. It’s a resistor chart for Joe. 

Ohm Sweet Ohn

2. Bigger on the Inside shawl – I started this in April 2012. I finished the lace charts and have about 2 inches of ribbing to knit on the bottom edge. There are TARDISes on it! What’s not to love?



Hopefully I will finish one or both of those project next week. I have 23 WIPs right now, I am a little afraid.