Spoopy Bento Bag

Know your meme – “Spoopy” is an Internet slang word used to describe something that is comical and spooky at the same time. 

I always say I am going to sew more. My sewing skills are solidly in the beginner to advanced beginner range.  I need to practice more, but I don’t have a space to leave a sewing machine set up and knitting is much more portable. And two of my wheels are in the living room so sewing takes commitment. But a few of my friends have been posting projects on the social streams and I was inspired to drag out my sewing machine to make something. 

I decided that something would be a project bag. I found an easy pattern  – a Bento bag. There were no zippers, or snaps, or closures, or other fiddly bit to deal with. Just fabric and thread. There are about a million free tutorials online. I picked on that used a square piece of fabric to start. It looked the simplest.

Crafting is a bit of a challenge with Loki around. As soon as I start setting up my work space he has to investigate. I had to remove him from the table (and ironing board and counter) about a dozen times before he gave up and went back to sleep in another room. So glad he is a tiny cat. Picking him up all the time would get old real fast if he was the size of a Maine coon.

The bento bag was an easy project. It took me a couple hours to make this. Removing Loki from things added about 30 minutes onto this project. I really should start including the Loki factor when I try to craft…

This sewing project had a new to me technique – French seams! They were a bit more work than I am used to but really improved the finishing inside bag. The inside looks much neater without the raw edges of the fabric.

Explanation for non sewers – In the picture on the right the bottom edge is the French seam. The seam in the middle was just folded over twice before sewing it up.

Remember kids – measure once, cut twice. I measured incorrectly somewhere and my bag is a lopsided. The fabric pattern makes it hard to tell, but it was a pain to match up the side seams and sew them because of the unevenness of the sides. Lopsidedness does no impair function. Bag holds a lot of yarn.Makes a great project bag. There is no Velcro or zippers to snag yarn and I can tie it to keep a certain cat out of my projects…

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