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Moar Gloves

I finished another pair of fingerless gloves. My hands get cold easily so I want to have several pairs to leave in my bags and other strategic locations. I think I am going to knit two more pairs – one in black, and one in light gray.

It’s a pain trying to take pictures of your own hand, so Cyd helped me model them:

2013-07-09 18.58.54

I don’t think she likes them that much, they are a tad too big for her. These ones are going to be good for layering, I can wear liners under them. The pattern is Axis and the yarn is Bluemoon Fiber Arts BFL sport. I used a thinner yarn than the pattern calls for, so I added a real button band.

Winter is Coming

It’s day 5 of a heat wave and it’s too hot to be outside. The attempted natures walks of yesterday did not end well. Staying inside in the air conditioning meant I had some time to finish up a couple of projects. I finished up a hat and pair of fingerless gloves.

Hat is knit from my own improvised pattern, yarn is Blue Moon Fiber BFL sport color way Drucilla.

Pooled hat BMF BFL Sport

The only thing I had to do was weave in the ends. It took about 10 minutes of effort. Basic pattern is CO 90, join. K2 P1 for about an inch. Knit 4 inches (hat is now 5 inches long). Place markers every 10 stitches and decrease.

Gloves are Fruit Loop Gloves in Madeline Tosh Sock, color is Tart.

Fruit loop gloves in Madeline Tosh sock

I started these last summer in Montreal, and I only had the thumbs to finish. Pattern modified to make them fingerless. I learned that it is really hard to take a picture of your own hand. Yarn in the picture is for the next problem that I am going to cast on.