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Holden Pattern

Several of my WIPS were close to completion, so I thought I would spend some time on them. It paid off and now I have more finished projects:

1. Holden Shawlette by Mindy Wilkes. Started 10/31/2010 and I finished knitting it 7/1/2011. It sat in   a pile waiting patiently for blocking. This was a super easy knit and I loved using the yarn. It’s Handmaiden Mini Maiden 50/50 wool/silk.

2013-04-15 07.50.05

2. Traveling Woman shawl by Liz Abinante. Started 5/22/2011 finished knitting it 7/7/2011. Sat in the same pile waiting for blocking and weaving in of ends. Blocked and wove in the ends on 4/17/2013. Knit from Knitpicks Felici in the Rainbow colorway.


3. Bigger on the Inside shawl by Kate Atherley. Started 4/23/2012 finished knitting it 4/14/2013. I stashed this in my desk at work and worked on it during breaks.

Bigger on the Inside ShawlNow I am down to 20 WIPS!


Embracing the Dork Side

I haven’t finished any projects this week, but I have been working on two really nerdy projects:

1. Ohm Sweet Ohm cross stich – I bought a kit from Adafruit and have been working on it since August 2012. I have one row of flowers to stitch on the top and then I have to frame it. It’s a resistor chart for Joe. 

Ohm Sweet Ohn

2. Bigger on the Inside shawl – I started this in April 2012. I finished the lace charts and have about 2 inches of ribbing to knit on the bottom edge. There are TARDISes on it! What’s not to love?



Hopefully I will finish one or both of those project next week. I have 23 WIPs right now, I am a little afraid.