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Rhinebeck, Revisited

The Rhinebeck sweater was a bust but the festival itself was super fun. I got some yarns, some fiber, some notions, a bottle of spiced wine, and petted some alpacas.

One of the many events was a sheep to shawl competition. Six teams started with a warped loom and a washed fleece. They then had to card the fiber, spin it, ply it than weave it into a shawl. The teams all had themes – I really liked Wizard of Oz and Men at Work the best.Sheep to Shawl Oz

Sheep to Shawl men at work

The weather was perfect on Saturday but a chilly on Sunday. We got some snow but the fairgrounds was still beautiful.


I don’t know these ladies but I was playing around with my friend’s camera at this point. I liked the pom poms on theirs hats and the classic simplicity of the camel colored shawl. Fall Friends

When I said I got to play with my friend’s camera did I mention it was a 5D? It was soo much fun to shoot with. The crop factor on my rebel drives me batty so not dealing with it made shooting a lot less frustrating. I like low light, wide angles, and blown out backgrounds. It was also a lot easier to shoot the animals in the barns when the 50mm behaves like a 50mm.

Baa raffeNo fiber fest is complete without side-eye from a giraffe-sheep.


Smelly SheepyAlso side-eye from a goat.


Sleepy SheepiesThey were napping, but probably giving me side-eye in their dreams.

This was my second Rhinebeck. I had a ton of fun but it’s not going to be a festival I attend every year. The crowds are soo over whelming and there are much closer fiber festivals. Rhinebeck does attract bigger vendors and vendors from outside of the Northeast but it is extremely crowded and can be difficult to shop and to talk to many of the vendors. At one point I waited in line for about 20 minutes trying to buy something.