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Temperatures Scarf- December

The last installment of the 2015 low temperatures scarf.


Colors used:

Pink (10-19) – 1 day
Light Purple (20-29) – 7 days
Dark Purple (30-39) – 15 days
Blue (40-49) – 8 days


Approximate totals of yarn used:

White [Oyster Heather] (below 0) – 11 yards
Grey [Silver] (0-9) – 185 yards
Pink [Rouge] (10-19) – 152 yards
Light Purple [Aster] (20-29) – 104 yards
Dark Purple [Urchin] (30-39) – 140 yards
Blue [Caribbean] (40-49) – 208 yards
Light Green [Alfalfa] (50-59) – 161 yards
Dark Green [Macaw] (60-69) – 215 yards
Yellow [Semolina] (70-79) – 28 yards

Yarn used is Knit Picks Palette and the color name is in brackets.

Low temps for 2015 ranged from -7 F to 74 F. February 2015 was the coldest month (and February 2016 is shaping up to be similar). February is sort of the worst month. We are not yet buried with snow but we had some pretty cold days.

Cyd Hat

Okay, I didn’t really knit The Cyd a hat. She would not appreciate it at all and would probably crap in my shoes while I slept. I instead knitted myself a hat with yarn I picked out to match her.


The Cyd does not approve of knitwear for cats

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts makes a line of yarn in cat and dog colorways. I think they are called the “Meow Collection” and “Woof Collection.” Naturally when I came across it I bought two skeins – one in Grey Tabby and a second in Siamese. The Cyd yarn had a lot more black then she does, but it was close enough. As long as she doesn’t have to wear it I don’t think she cares.


Pattern is Sockhead. This is the third one I’ve made. It makes great commute knitting. Endless knitting that I don’t have to pay much attention to. I also have a lot of sock yarn. I just cast on Sockhead #4…

Anyways, most of the yarn in the Meow Collection is variegated. Variegated yarn (multicolored with short bits of color) tends to flash and pool – the colors clump together. Flashing is when they clump like a lightening bolt. Pooling is when they clump like puddles. Many knitters and crocheters will try to avoid flashing and pooling but I think that sometimes it can look really neat. The flashing on this hat reminded me of tabby stripes so I went with it.


I had to tweak it a bit. There were a few times when the flashing got a bit out of whack so I would add an increase or decrease to make the yarn do what I wanted it to. The pattern is flexible enough that random increase and decreases don’t matter much.

Temperatures Scarf- October & November

I finished this project in early January but I got pretty bored with it. The knitting wasn’t that interesting and it was too fiddly to work on for commute knitting.

October was pretty solidly light blue. I enjoyed the weather but it made for a dull knit.


October colors used:

Light Purple (20-29) – 1 day
Dark Purple (30-39) – 8 days
Blue (40-49) – 16 days
Light Green (50-59) – 6 days

November was a bit cooler.


November colors used:

Light Purple (20-29) – 7 days
Dark Purple (30-39) – 8 days
Blue (40-49) – 13 days
Light Green (50-59) – 1 day
Dark Green (60-69) – 1 day

December post coming soon.