Stitch it so!

I got bored with all my current knitting projects, so I cast on socks! I bought the steampunky socks kit at a fiber festival last year. I wanted to try making cabled socks and this one has buttons! Which I promptly lost, but then bought better ones at Windsor Button. I knit the cuff and started the chart. I then got stuck on the 6th row.

Steampunk socksThe pattern is a combination of bavarian twisted stitches and cables. This is the first time I have attempted to knit cables from a chart so I am finding it a little confusing. This is also my first attempt at a top down sock. I have only made toe up.  I got pretty annoyed at the chart, so I put it down and worked on some of my WIPs.

I finished weaving in the ends of a scarf. It now needs to be blocked. I worked a little bit on a blanket. 40 of 100 squares completed! I worked a little bit on a cross stich sampler. Got bored. I looked at a sweater I started a while a go. I organized my fiber. And then I started a new project.

Star Trek TOS Com badge engineering

It’s the engineering badge from Star Trek: TOS. I managed to find blue aida cloth, so the science badge will be next.

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