Temperatures scarf- September

September scarf segment brings back the return of blue:

Sept 2015

Colors used:

Blue (40-49) – 2 days
Light Green (50-59) – 13 days
Dark Green (60-69) – 12 days
Yellow (70-71) – 3 days

I only have 4.7 grams of dark green left (enough for 2 or 3 days). Unless fall is unseasonably warm I should make it. The lows for October so far have been in the 30’s – 50’s so far.

In addition to getting to shoot with a 5D (soo much fun) I’ve been playing around with a Canon 40D. It’s not full frame but it’s a bit nicer than my usual camera 9 year old Canon 350XT. The 40D and 5D had very simular dials and setting and are a lot easier to use. Compared to my 350XT the 40D focuses  faster, has a better image quality, and the two dials make it a lot easier to use. I think the weather sealing on the 40D is also a lot better, but it’s not my camera so I’m not going to test that.

I took this picture with the 40D and 50mm 1.4:Baby goat

Look at that nose! I always feel a little weird taking pictures of stranger’s kids, but mama goat didn’t mind.

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