Knitting Machine

I am almost done with my blanket. I hate weaving in ends are there are soo many. This project make me start thinking about knitting machines. I was intrigued by the Addi circular knitting machines, but they are a bit out of my price range right now. I found a review on Ravelry of some toy knitting machines, so I bought myself one.

Knitting Machine Singer

It’s a NKOK singer knitting machine. The retails seems to fluctuate, I paid about $25 on amazon a few weeks ago. It works better than I though it would but I had really low expectations. The Addi machines are about $200 and this was a fraction of the price so I had a fraction of the expectation. I’ve done some experiments with it and I don’t recommend buying for kids. It’s pretty frustrating to use. If you go too fast or the yarn was not tensioned properly It dropped a lot of stitches. I got the best results with sport weight yarns.

I didn’t find the output that useful either.

KM tube

It makes tubes that are about 2.5 inches wide. I guess I could make leg warmers for toddlers.

KM flat

It also makes flat panels that are about 4.25 inches wide. But it’s stockinette stitch which curls at the edge. I could make a bunch of strips and sew them together, but I am pretty unlikely to do so.

I think it would be handy to make sock blanks with. If I ever wanted to make sock blanks..

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