Three projects

I finished three knitting projects and frogged a sock the week.

First project –  sport weight socks. They are a little tight in the foot and the cast on edge should be a tad looser, but they are still wearable. I tried to match the stripes, but it didn’t quite work out. These were practice for a few techniques I haven’t tried so I am pretty happy that they are wearable. I was convinced I was going to end up with complicated knitted tangle that did not resemble wearable socks.


Quick socks pair

Second project – Nightlock Shawl in two of my favorite colors. I bought the pattern here. I am super happy with the finished item and really enjoyed knitting it. I like the designers aesthetic and will be making more of her patterns.

Nightlock completed

Third project – a scarf. I liked knitting this, but I am probably never going to wear it. If anyone wants it let me know! Otherwise it’s going to goodwill.

Noro Scarf


I also frogged a sock I started last year. I went to work on it, but couldn’t find my notes. I should really try to be more of a monogamous knitter to avoid situations like that.

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