Spun in Punk

It’s spring time! Which means fiber festival season has started. The Gore Place sheep shearing festival was last weekend. It’s not a fiber festival, but there are sheep and fiber related events. The fiber tent is usually pretty hit or miss – I didn’t get any thing this year. The sheep herding demonstration included ducks this year. Yes, it is as funny to watch as it sounds.Duck herding gore placeThe ducks are Indian Runner ducks. The don’t waddle or fly like regular ducks, they run. They also stand upright and generally look silly.

I am running out of room to store fiber, so I have been spinning a lot. I finished three yarns and am working on a fourth. Today’s offering is spun from a braid from Mad Color. It’s a superwash merino nylon blend in the colorway “Pretty in Punk.” Black, hot pink, and red.

Pretty in Punk

Yarn is a 3py fingering weight. I only ended up with about 200 yds. I wasted a lot of fiber trying to get the stripes to match up. This might end up as a cowl. I am not too sure yet.

More on the rest of the yarns later…


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