2015 First Finished Projects

My first two finished projects of 2015 are a cowl and some yarn.


Attempts to get better photos were thwarted by a very adorable and very persistent cat so he got to model the cowl.

Loki Cowl

I am not sure who was more annoyed – me or the cat. Cowl is knit from Elsebeth Lavold silky wool. This was my first time using this yarn and I am really pleased how well it worked for this project. It has great drape and I think the leftovers might work well for some mitts. The only annoyance with the yarn is the slight amount of VM in it. It’s not as bad as some Noro yarns but it’s still a bit annoying. That said I do like the rustic look to this yarn and this cowl should be pretty warm without adding too much bulk.

After posing for the cowl picture Loki took a quick nap. The radiator is a good source of natural light this time of year and a great place for cat naps.


Yep, it’s another grey/black/pink/red item! I am very happy with how this yarn turned out. I split three batts from Heavenly Fibers into color groups and spun them up as a gradient. I then n plied the single to keep the color sequence. It’s about 240 yarns of sport weight yarn. This will probably end up knitted into a cowl or small shawl.

My fiber stash consists of a lot of stuff that I am a little reluctant to spin. I need more practice spinning and I part of me worries about ruining the fiber. I used to think that way about a lot of my yarn stash until I finally realized there will always be more yarn so if I do ruin it some how I can get. The sheep will keep making wool and there will always be indie dyers with great products. 2015 will be the year of spinning awesome fiber.

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