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I am working on a my first pair of cuff down socks. The Steampunkery Sock kit from Holiday Yarns. I have only ever knit toe up socks. I have made enough toe up socks that I have figured out what my favorite toe (Judy’s magic cast on) and heel (the slip stich heel) are. The Steampunkery socks are not toe up. Holiday Yarns is at almost every fiber fest in my area and after frequent trip to their booth I caved and bought the kit. The pattern looked fun to knit and everyone at the booth is always  super nice.

I have been knitting these socks and the cable pattern is also pretty complex. It is the most complex cable pattern I have attempted. I realized that I didn’t want to get to the heel gusset and make a mess of it. So I cast on a cuff down sock in sport weigh yarn.

sport socks

I cast on Wednesday and I am already working on the instep and gusset. I had to rip out and reknit the heel a couple times but this is a practice sock. If it ends up fitting I might even knit the second one! Pattern is Just Yer Basic Sport Sock by Alyson Johnson. Pattern is well written and easy to follow. The yarn is Knitpicks Felici Sport in my favorite color combination (red and grays).

2 thoughts on “Sock it to Me

  1. Kris Papuga

    Super fast knitting skills there lady, does the yarn have any give to it, I know you were concerned about them being too tight.
    Will this have the buttons or am I not seeing the correct pattern?
    Not that you need another project to start, but Nora’s Argyle socks look super cute! 🙂

    1. Captian Post author

      I always use a wool blend to knit socks. Wool is an elastic fiber so it has some give and will return to it’s original shape after being stretched. Despite that the striped sock is too tight in the leg and but loose in the heel.

      The striped socks aren’t going to have buttons, but there is another pair that I am working on that will.


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