A Tale of Two Hats

About a week ago a friend of mine mentioned she needed a new hat, scarf and gloves. So we worked out a trade and I agreed to knit a hat and scarf. She sent me a link of an example of the style hat she liked. I found a pattern, knit a swatch and then cast on a hat. I finished knitting it a few day ago and washed/blocked it Wednesday night.

Slouchy HatI am not happy with how it turned out. It is wearable if the brim is folded up (which has the added benefit of making it super warm). But is doesn’t fit the desired specifications of the wearer. It was supposed to be slouchy, but it ended up too structured. So I cast on for a second hat. The first hat used two needles sizes – a US 5 for the brim and a US 7 for the rest of the hat. I am going to use a US 5 and US 8 and make some other tweaks. It should work a lot better.

The scarf should be less complicated.


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