Bollywood Spun

I have been hoarding fiber samples. In an attempt to spin down my stash I grabbed a bunch that all had pink or red in them and spun them up and made really colorful yarn:


The samples are:

  1.  Silver Sun Aplacas – Silver Sun’s Bollywood
  2. Lady Llama fiber Co
  3. Spincereley yours – Kali
  4. Heavenly Fiber – Kaylee’s Dress
  5. By Rebekah with Love – Ultra Violet
  6. Expertly Dyed – Hot Little Sari
  7. Spin Up Gil Fibers – Lady Lotus
  8. Corgi Hill Farm – BFL Silk
  9. Prancing Pixel – Bollyworld Wedding: Day 1
  10. Girl Meets Spindle – Syrah
  11. WC Mercantile – Rachael Batt
  12. Spin Up Girl Fibers – Squished Trish
  13. Lanitium ex Machine – Bollywood art yarn kit

I ended up with about 110 yards of worsted weight yarn. I am going to do this next with all the blue samples I have.

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